Security Weaver - Solving Risk Management Challenges through Cost Efficient Automation

CIO Vendor Now more than ever, organizations running SAP find it cumbersome to keep up with compliance demands as well as manage business risks. As one of the most promising risk management solution providers of 2017, California based Security Weaver delivers differentiated risk management solutions that offer both preventative and detective controls and make risk management and compliance easy, effective, and inexpensive.

Across the globe, an increase in regulations and business complexity make managing risks associated with user access, software licensing, and business processes a high priority. Nevertheless, many organizations still manage these risks manually despite the expense in both staff and service fees.

Comprehensive and Efficient Automation
In response to these risks, Security Weaver offers several automated solutions which take work and costs out of risk management. It’s Separations Enforcer solution, for example, identifies access risks and whether they are appropriately mitigated. The solution’s reporting is based on a proven rule-set which can automatically detect custom transaction codes that are Segregation of duties (SoD) relevant without them being explicitly defined in the rule-set.

To further mitigate access risks, Security Weaver offers automated user provisioning and temporary access management solutions so that once an environment minimizes access risks, new risks are not injected accidentally. Another example of Security Weaver’s broad product portfolio of tools to support improved access management is a transaction monitoring solution called Automated Mitigations. When access risks must be tolerated, this solution captures and reports every suspicious transaction, quantifies the financial exposure of the suspicious transaction, and enables auditors to see, in one convenient place, how each risk was addressed.
Recent lawsuits by software vendors have made license compliance a risk management priority. Security Weaver’s License Management module reduces this risk through automation. It automates license allocations to users based on the user’s actual needs. Furthermore, it automates the reconciliation and changing of license allocations as those needs change. This module supports both direct and indirect users, giving an organization the ability to optimize complex SAP user licenses.

Security Weaver delivers differentiated risk management solutions that offer both preventative and detective controls

In addition to managing access and license risks, Security Weaver offers the ability to continuously monitor key business processes, application configurations, and master data through its Process Auditor solution. This module documents compliance, reduces revenue leakage, and provides continuous control. It is a complete internal controls framework for identifying misuse and errors in transactional processes.

To maintain compliance and improve efficiency, most businesses will eventually need an automated risk management solution. Fortunately, Security Weaver offers a solution that saves organizations time and money and covers the risks associated with user access, software licenses, and business processes. “Whether its access risks, license compliance, or process controls, Security Weaver has made managing SAP systems inexpensive and less complex”, says Sandeep Gupta, CTO, Security Weaver. “Our modules are affordable, fast and easy to implement. Because they install within SAP as simple transports, there is no additional hardware to purchase or maintain. They can be quickly tailored to suit an organization’s specific needs. Furthermore, we work with each customer to address their specific challenges and solve them”, adds Sandeep. Moving forward, Security Weaver will continue to provide a unified view of enterprise risk along with the means to manage those risks efficiently.